Tin Ngo
Tin Ngo, M.D., is a urologist with NorthBay Specialty Care, a NorthBay Affiliate, in Fairfield. He writes a blog on men’s health issues.
Dr. Ngo

Important Decisions will Test Testosterone

In September, a special FDA advisory committee composed of experts in the field made two important decisions.

First, members voted 20-1 to recommend that the FDA require makers of testosterone products to make it clear on their labeling that testosterone supplementation therapy has not been proven to reverse low libido, fatigue, or muscle loss.


Testy about Testosterone Use

As many of you have heard, there's quite a controversy brewing over the use of testosterone in men with "low T" and the risks and benefits, particularly the risk of cardiovascular events (heart attacks and strokes) in patients taking supplemental testosterone.


To Stand, or to Sit?

Medical literature is full of interesting questions and even more interesting answers to the question about the best posture for urination.

Recently, researchers in the Netherlands asked whether men with urinary symptoms from an enlarged prostate voided better when sitting down instead of standing up.


Erectile Dysfunction - Buyer Beware

I recently saw a patient who had erectile dysfunction. He had tried all the oral medications -- Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis -- and none of them worked. He was very discouraged by this and had resigned himself to not being able to have a healthy sex life with his wife for the rest of his life.


Is Gluten-free Just the Latest Food Fad?

If you've paid attention to what's on your grocery store shelves in the past few years, you will have noticed a significant increase in the number of products that are gluten free. As someone who has friends who have celiac disease (a condition that causes severe diarrhea and abdominal pain when people eat things containing gluten, a protein found in wheat), it's a good thing.


High Dose, High Risk

It's very fashionable these days for people to promote high-dose vitamin supplementation for a wide host of medical conditions. Is there any science behind all of this?

A study just published in the prestigious Journal of the National Cancer Institute looked the patients who received high-dose selenium (200 mcg/day) and high-dose vitamin E (400 IU/day) on the risk of prostate cancer.


A Natural Experiment in Prostate Cancer Screening

A lot has been said about prostate cancer screening, the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test, and whether men should be screened.

In other articles, I've tried to take a balanced approach on things and argued that getting rid of prostate cancer screening all together may not be in the best interest of patients.


Smoking - Not Just Bad for Your Lungs

Every month, we diagnose a few people with kidney and bladder cancer. They're almost always surprised to find out that the cause was cigarette smoking.

Less commonly, especially around here where many people work at the petroleum refineries, it can be due to industrial solvent exposure.


The New Epidemic of 'Low T'

You may have seen on television or heard on the radio or read in magazines about this new disease called "Low T."

Often times, these are advertisements that tell men to talk to their doctor if they are feeling tired or have decreased libido.


The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction

Many of us snicker when we see the commercials on TV for erection medications, especially the one where an older couple are holding hands while lounging in adjacent bathtubs the middle of a forest.

I think the creative geniuses at the advertising agency were hinting that the couple are about to get intimate, but I'm not sure how the bathtub in the forest fits in. There are also the warnings of a prolonged erection for four hours, which many of us also find funny.