Jane Prather

Jane Prather is the service line development director for Women’s Health, Orthopedics, and Neurovascular Services. Jane recently returned from Afghanistan where she spent a year as Deputy Commander for the Medical Task Force; she writes about advances in women’s health and orthopedics.

The Good Life

World Class Care

World class care. The term brings about thoughts of the Mayo Clinic, or Mt. Sinai Medical Center and John's Hopkins but in reality, even the most advanced trauma centers in the United States can't hold a candle to the trauma care being provided in a small 32 bed hospital half way around the world with a staff turn over rate of over 100 percent per year. That is incredible and absolutely true, undeniable, and witnessed and declared by experts in trauma care at Baltimore Shock Trauma Center, and several other US trauma centers, including UC Davis.


The Long Wait to Receive Care from the VA

Last night, while watching television with my kids, I saw commercials featuring actors declaring their support for "Our Troops." I thought a good way to wrap up my blog, titled "Her Way," would be to share a story of the "support" I've received since returning from a year's deployment in Afghanistan.


For the Heart

February has been associated with Valentine's Day for centuries and is now officially Heart Health Month, so this blog is dedicated to improving your cardiovascular health.
First, a short historical lesson: Numerous early Christian martyrs were named Valentine including Valentine of Rome, a priest martyred around A.D. 269, Valentine of Terni, a martyred Bishop of Terni around A.D. 197 and is said to have been martyred during the persecution under Emperor Aurelian.

And the Catholic Encyclopedia speaks of a third saint named Valentine in Africa who was mentioned in early martyrologies under date of Feb. 14. For the purpose of this blog, let's get back to cardiovascular health.


I Don't Have a Wooden Heart

We are ramping up for the Day of Dance and Heart Health month in February. I just took my life check assessment to determine how healthy I am with respect to my cardiovascular status at http://mylifecheck.heart.org. This simple test, which asks you basic lifestyle and health questions, will result in some wonderful recommendations to follow to become healthier. I excelled in a few of the categories, such as I don't smoke and I have a wonderful blood pressure, but as expected I need to improve my diet and exercise more.


I'll Be Home for Christmas

I spent last weekend home with my kids picking out a Christmas tree, decorating the house, and baking cookies. What a difference from my last Christmas in Afghanistan when I volunteered to ride along through a mine field in a vehicle nicknamed Casper the Friendly Ghost. The trip gave me something to take my mind off the holiday. I decorated my tiny room with a string of lights that someone donated to the Chaplain's Closet and I supported my troops by putting on my Colonel face and giving them half the day off.

This year my daughter commented that the best Christmas gift is that we are all together.


It's All About Girls at Girls' Night Out

If you were at the third annual Girls' Night Out last Friday night, you saw my mojo working.

Well you saw everyone's mojo working, including Oscar worthy performances by Marilyn Monroe, Mae West and a blonde, but ever so lovely, Audrey Hepburn. We also had seven very engaging NorthBay physicians present to visit with guests, and we had a number of boutique vendors showcasing their unique wares.

The Three Blonde Moms were hilarious. Some health awareness was provided. And proceeds from the evening will go to benefit women's health services throughout NorthBay Healthcare, including our free cardiovascular awareness event this winter, the Day of Dance.

A hearty thank you goes out to our volunteers, to NorthBay Healthcare Foundation and its staff, and to Beatrice and staff who whipped up those delectable treats we all enjoyed.


Girls Night Out is Friday

I am so looking forward to this Friday evening when all of our plans come together to bring you the third annual Girls Night Out. I still don't have a dress or shoes, a dilemma I wouldn't have thought of last year at this time. I was serving in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan for both the first and the second Girls Night Out events. My Army outfit was very uncomplicated, other than the bullet proof plates and weaponry.


I'll Remember You

The Guardian's of the Ribbon: Pink Heals' fire trucks have left Solano County for the second time, but are forever marked with the names and prayers of cancer survivors and victims along with countless others' loved ones who will not be forgotten. "Think Pink" was the theme of this free event, as several community partner organizations set up in the Gateway Medical Building on the NorthBay Medical Center campus to raise community awareness of women's cancers last month.


Big Hunk-O-Love

What else would you call a 40-foot-long, custom painted, pink fire truck dedicated to raising the awareness of women's cancers? A Big Hunk-O Love! Several tons of love are rolling into Solano County and making a stop at the NorthBay Medical Center Sept. 22 to help us raise awareness of women's cancers and how we can best support the women of our community. I hope you'll join us from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to sign the pink fire trucks and give your family a look at the many emergency vehicles on display that save lives every day in our own community.


If I Can Dream

Yes, I can dream both personally and professionally. If you thought about your passion for health care, what would that entail? Last week, I realized that one of my passions is to help address the problem of obesity. The clinical definition of obesity is 30 or more pounds over your ideal body weight. We are fat! We can make all the excuses we want; healthy food is too expensive, you don't have time to prepare a meal, you don't know how to eat healthy. The bottom line is that these are just excuses.