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During Trauma Season, No One is Immune

This is a reminder, gentle readers, that trauma season is fast-approaching. That's the season of the year when our Emergency Department and Trauma Center is busiest.

This last weekend offered us a terrible harbinger, if we are not vigilant in our prevention efforts.
Two Vacaville teenagers lost their lives and three others were critically injured in a motor vehicle crash where alcohol might have been involved and seatbelts were not used. Four other teens were injured in a shooting spree in Fairfield.


When You Need to Get 'In Quicker'

"InQuicker at VacaValley" is a new, innovative service for those folks with non-life threatening medical conditions who still need to see a doctor.

NorthBay Healthcare wants to care for everyone who needs prompt treatment, but also prevent those long logjams in the Emergency Department.


Old Game Could Take Your Life

When I was a kid it was called the "Pass Out Game." Now it's called, among other names, "Chinese Knock-Out," and it has surfaced in Solano County.

Depriving your brain of oxygen is one of the worst things you can do. It has serious complications up to, and including, death. Regardless of its name, don't play.


Quod Justum Non Quod Utile

You can make just about anything sound better by translating it into Latin. I'll let you Google the headline to this blog post to become familiar with your Latin translator.

It's fascinating that in most of our pockets we possess a device giving us access to a great vessel of knowledge. Your cell phone can make you more informed than Socrates, Aristotle and DaVinci combined.


A Most Powerful Force

I enjoy speaking at conferences. You get to network with a lot of like-minded, passionate people. It's never more so than at a volunteer conference.

Last week I had the chance to address the California Hospital Association Volunteer Leadership Conference in Sacramento.


Weebles Wobble, But They Don't Fall Down

OK, so I am showing my age with this post, but I thought it appropriate.

Toys from my childhood, and a quote from a Civil War brevet major general about, "It's not how many times you get knocked down, it's about how many times you get up" are the subject of this post.


Public Defenders Assist NorthBay's ED Children

Last week representatives of the Solano County Public Defender's office stopped by to give us a generous gift - a couple of hundred children's books to hand out to children and to place in our Emergency Department lobby.

At NorthBay Medical Center we take care of children in a variety of settings outside our emergency services. Of course, we will share the gift with our sister units.


I Believe That Children Are Our Future

I always have believed that children are our future. So I was dismayed at the results of the California Pediatric Readiness Project, which showed that statistically, in California and at NorthBay Healthcare, we weren't doing all we could for one of our most vulnerable populations.

Of course, we were intentionally hard on ourselves when we answered the survey that sought to determine how much focus was being placed on children's special needs when they arrive in the ER. Therefore, we figured the results would not be stupendous.


To the Victors Go the ...

The trauma Level II recommendation for Solano County was made and ratified. As much as it pains me that we were not the successful candidate, I must follow in the footsteps of some of my idols and heroes. President Abraham Lincoln, Gen. Robert E. Lee, Chief Joseph, and, in time, even Crazy Horse embraced peace.

I'm certainly not comparing me or our organization to these iconic figures, but I think I have a sense of what they felt. Their decisions saved countless thousands of lives and helped the healing process begin.


Honoring Emergency Nurses This Week

NorthBay Healthcare is joining hospitals nationwide as we honor our Emergency Department nurses with weeklong festivities to celebrate the extraordinary acts of service, compassion and commitment these professionals provide to patients every day of the year.

The week's highlight is Emergency Nurses Day on Wednesday, Oct. 9.