Foundation’s Commitment to Care NorthBay Healthcare Foundation serves as the fundraising arm of NorthBay Healthcare System, Solano County’s only independent, non-profit healthcare provider. This blog, written by Foundation staff and board members, will focus on fundraising efforts.

'Fore' a Good Cause

Every year for the past four years, NorthBay Guild members have earmarked funds raised at their annual Golf & Tennis Classic tournament to go toward NorthBay's trauma program.

This year's tournament was held just days after NorthBay learned some very good news: NorthBay Medical Center's trauma program received verification of Level II trauma status from the American College of Surgeons, the first hospital in Solano County to achieve this distinction.


Grant Funds Trauma Equipment

Our ability to care for Solano County's smallest trauma patients just got even better, thanks to grant funds provided by the Solano Community Foundation and the NorthBay Guild.

NorthBay Healthcare purchased several key pieces of medical equipment to aid pediatric trauma patient care. They included two baby scales, a cardiac monitor and thermometers for patient rooms in the Emergency Departments at NorthBay Medical Center and NorthBay VacaValley Hospital.


A Lifesaving Day of Golf

If it's mid-July in Solano County, it must be time once again for a very special golf tournament.

During the past 31 years, the NorthBay Guild's Golf & Tennis Classic has grown to become a popular, perennially sold-out event. This year, the tournament takes place on July 14 at the Green Valley Country Club, and many of the athletes who participate know it's a fundraiser for the NorthBay Guild, as do the many local businesses that support the event through their sponsorship dollars. But, do they know what happens to the funds they've donated once the tournament is over?


Strike Out Cancer Success

It's not uncommon for the NorthBay Healthcare Foundation -- as the fund raising arm of NorthBay Healthcare -- to solicit, and receive, donations both large and small.

But it's not every day that a major corporation such as Genentech calls to say they're putting on a big fund raising event to benefit your Cancer Center and they're going to team with a Triple A baseball franchise to pull it all off.


Talk About Being a Good Neighbor!

Every June, Genentech organizes what it calls "Genentech Gives Back Week." During this week, employees can take time away from their jobs and fan out into their communities to volunteer at places with causes that matter to them, such as the Boys and Girls Club, homeless shelters and food banks, or to donate to their favorite charities.


Commitment Rewarded

Talk about committed to a cause.

Vacaville's Noah Coughlan is so committed to raising awareness about Batten disease that he has run across America, not once, but twice. It's a feat that only 26 others have done.

Think about that level of commitment for a moment. His first run spanned 2,500 miles, from San Diego to Jacksonville, Fla. It took him four months and 12 days. And then he did it again, running 3,100 miles, from Half Moon Bay to Boston in 108 days. He scaled mountain ranges, crossed deserts, endured heat, high humidity and freezing rain, tornadoes and heat exhaustion, all in an effort to bring attention to this rare degenerative brain disease that afflicts children and for which there is no known cure.


Saluting the Man "Who Won't Say No"

Garland Porter is a man who has been called many things during his lifetime, and all labels have been delivered with praise and admiration: community activist, local statesman, retired military, distinguished California resident, mover and shaker, even Fiesta Days Parade Grand Marshal, an honor bestowed upon him back in 2009.

But, the moniker of which he is most proud is this: "Vacaville's Professional Volunteer."


Cancer Survivors Have Their Day

Surviving cancer is, without a doubt, a feat worth celebrating. And that's what more than 430 cancer survivors and their friends and families did, on Sunday, June 1.

The occasion was the 18th Annual Solano County Cancer Survivor's Day event, held at The Clubhouse at Rancho Solano.  It was a warm and sunny day at a lovely venue, a perfect setting for guests to celebrate life and hope, and the promise of a cancer-free future.


For Raffle Winners, Patience Pays Off

Craig Bryan of Bryan-Braker Funeral Home has been a loyal supporter of the Solano Wine & Food Jubilee every year for the past 27 years. Not only has his business been a perennial event sponsor, but he and his wife, Francie, always buy Jubilee raffle tickets.

Patience pays off, apparently, as he learned he was the grand prize winner in this year's Jubilee raffle. "Ever since we won, people have been asking me how many tickets I bought," he says, "and I tell them I don't buy a lot, but after 27 years I was bound to get lucky!"
"We were on the far side of the room when we heard Bryan-Braker's name called," Francie recalls. "We thought they were talking about our being sponsors, but then everyone around us was saying we won the car! How fantastic is that?"


NorthBay Salutes Fiesta Days' Past Grand Marshals

Memorial Weekend is days away, and for many here in Solano County it's synonymous with Fiesta Days. For the past 56 years, Vacaville has celebrated its history and heritage with Fiesta Days pageants, barbecues, pancake breakfasts and a parade. As tradition has it, heading up that parade is a grand marshal, chosen for the honored role because of their commitment to care - for their community, for the people around them.

And a commitment to care is why NorthBay Healthcare was started more than a half century ago. Ours is a community-based organization whose only focus is on the communities we serve in Solano County. In fact, many of the past grand marshals have a direct link to NorthBay Healthcare, either as a supporter, a financial contributor or a member of our Board of Directors.