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A Cuba Cycling Christmas

No, I didn't spend Christmas in Cuba this year. Truly, it was 17 years ago that I spent Christmas in Havana. I know because it was January of 1998 that Pope John Paul II visited and our visit just preceding his. Due to the Pope's visit it was the first time since the revolution that citizens were allowed to celebrate Christmas.


Dogs of Dirt, Or, Orange is the new Brown

Three of the high schools in Vacaville have students participating on the mountain biking team for the NorCal league. The team started at Vacaville High, thus the name "Dirt Dogs."  The other two schools are Will C. Wood and Buckingham Charter School. The team's third season began this month with a skills clinic, a fundraising ride and twice weekly practice.


No Bad Clothes

There is an old Scandinavian saying which is either Swedish or Norwegian. In Swedish it Rhymes. In English the saying goes, "There's no bad weather, just bad clothing." Avid cyclists are known to take pride in their willingness to ride in weather that may seem extreme. With the right clothes, cold temperatures should not be an impediment to getting out.


Diabetes Month

Now that my friend Collette DaCruz is regularly blogging about Diabetes <(Hyperlink) I probably won't be making it a subject of my blog any longer. November is Diabetes Month and as a nod to that I am just reminding people that experts often say that the most important thing you can do to prevent diabetes is to be active. You also may be at risk of diabetes or pre-diabetes if you are overweight.

The advice that follows is not specific for diabetes prevention. Even if your risk for diabetes is low, the benefits of being active are plentiful. Here are just a few:


Keeping a goal in front of you...

It is a good idea to have a goal to keep you motivated and thus keep you moving. For many, that goal comes in the form of an event, such as R2D2 (NorthBay Healthcare's Ride to Defeat Diabetes, which was held Oct. 5, 2014.)

Keeping a goal in front is exactly what NorthBay Healthcare's Infection Prevention Manager Mercille Locke does.


Buy or Borrow, but Ride That Bike!

Sunday is the third annual NorthBay Healthcare Ride to Defeat Diabetes (R2D2).

This year's bike ride is shaping up to be much bigger than previous events. With one week to go, there are already more than 200 pre-registered riders and seven teams signed up. The ride also has seen great community support with a number of new sponsors, including Western Health Advantage and Telstar Instruments, each with a $1,000 contribution.


Give me 3, Please

Sept. 16 is the day a new California law designed to protect bike riders takes effect. It is designed to give cyclists a 3-foot buffer, which is considered the closest safe distance to pass a cyclist.

I wrote an article about this law in December after it had been signed into law by Gov. Brown. At that time I had observed that many drivers had already made a change in their driving behavior. I saw that many more drivers were slowing down, taking time to wait until it was safe to pass, rather than what was all too common, passing me with just a few inches without slowing down.


The Big Race

It's all over the radio, TV and the internet! Sacramento this week hosted the opening stages of the Amgen Tour of California bicycle stage race.

So how big of a deal is it? You may not realize it, but it is a very big deal in professional cycling. The riders and the teams competing are the elite, the very top riders in the world. They are the same riders who compete in the Tour de France.

In fact, while this race is going on, there is another very big race going on in Italy. The Giro is a stage race that has been the biggest spring stage race in the world for more than 100 years. However the riders who are serious about winning in the Tour de France often do not like to compete in this early "Grand Tour," which is three weeks long because doing so does not fit into the training schedule of a rider who wants to peak in July. Most of the contenders for yellow jersey choose to come to sunny California to race instead.


Biking to Work and Parking

This Thursday is Bike to Work Day, part of Bike to Work Week, and for the fourth time NorthBay Healthcare is participating. We will host two energizer stations in Solano County, one in Vacaville and one in Fairfield.

Our Fairfield station is on Pennsylvania Avenue at the linear Park, just a block away from NorthBay Medical Center.


A Great Experience Volunteering at the CDA Cares Event

Although most of my blogs are about the world of cycling, I want to deviate today to share my experience as a volunteer at the California Dental Association Cares event, which was April 25-26 at the Vallejo Fairgrounds.

I arrived at around 9 a.m. to my station, Medical Triage, and saw a number of familiar faces, including Chris Johnson, R.N. , from 1 West who is new at NorthBay Healthcare and Maggie Kuzma, R.N., who is a veteran of our mother baby unit.